High-profile events

With a significantexperience in the organization of high-profile events, Marquardt & Marquardt holds exclusive gatheringsthat bring together key leaders and opinion-makers around major contemporary or corporate issues. Marquardt & Marquardt owns two platforms The Atlantic Dinners™ and the Emerging Time Dinners™ that benefit from an important notoriety among decision-makers and regularly generate massive media coverage.


With the omnipresence and now omnipotence of the Internet, e-influence strategieshave proven a particularly efficient way to indirectly reach out to the general public and influence its perceptions of a specific topic. Marquardt & Marquardt’s team of experts carries out impactful influence missions on the French, Anglo-Saxon or Indonesian web using a wide range of specific tools(content production, blog and platform development, info-graphicsand viral videos, serious games, etc.) to provoke a gradual change of clients’ image on the web.

Economic intelligence

Whether our clients want to develop their activities in a new country, conduct an advocacy campaign or understand the political environment of a country or a region, we provide power mapping services and source genuine information that enable a better understanding and awareness of key players and decision process whether it is in the public or private sphere.

Lobbying and public affairs

Thanks to a deep understanding of the organization of institutions and public decisions, we help our clients to build their reputation, to engage productive dialogues with key officials and plan their strategic approach towards institutions. We succeed in positioning our clients in the public debate and ensure their stance is favorably taken into account in decision-making processes.

Media relations

We recommend media relations strategies, taking into account our clients’ objectives and positioning. With privileged connections to top-tier national and international media, we assist our clients in developing and best managing their image.We provide tailor-made solutions including networking programs allowing long-term relations with key journalists and media people, premium coverage in prominent media, writing of opinion columns, etc.